So I have my first orientation/training day tomorrow for a new job I will be starting in May and im super super nervous!!! its my first real paying job that has anything to do with what I want to do in the future (aka its a summer camp and I want to be a teacher so.. you know.. telling kids what to do and whatnot is definitely a great starting point for experience) it was kinda a hard job to get with prob 100+ that applied and only 20 or so that were hired. NOT tooting my own horn there, more trying to point out how NERVOUS I am because they obviously pick a select few people for a reason and expect them to be the best and never in my life have I felt that I’m the best of any roster of people sooooo needless to say I’m worried I’m not up for the challenge. (I feel its important to mention that its affiliated with my university so it means a lot to me to put this thingy on my resume and adds to my nerves of not living up to expectation) I’m actually so excited to start working but I can’t explain how anxious I am that I won’t be good enough/will be intimidated by all the “camp-y” people who know what their doing when I’ve never worked a camp before!!!!

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Cook Off Challenge!

I’m gonna make a pavlova.”  ”Alright, I’m gonna keep mine a secret, ‘cause it’s my secret weapon and I’m not gonna give it away.” x
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April 3, 2013

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HQ’s of Zayn while filming ‘Midnight Memories’ in London (27/12/13) 

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